Financing Information

DSIRE, or the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency has a wonderful breakdown of all the current benefits given to purchasers of renewable energy systems. They provide an easy map and both clear and detailed information on each state's offerings here and a list of all of the federal credits here.

Federal Level Credits

The Federal Government, through EnergyStar will pay 30% of a solar water or air heating system, without any limit on the amount. To qualify, at least half of the hot water used on the property must come from the solar water heater and the system must be installed before December 31, 2016. You can read more about the federal tax credits here.

State Level Credits

Maryland, for example, will pay for 30% of a solar water or air heating system up to $2,000. The details for Maryland can be found here. You can also see how to apply for a grant from Maryland by viewing this pdf.

Below is a table which shows the current credits available in the states in which Sunfire Solar heaters are available.

State Amount Incentive Maximum Incentive
Georgia (GA) 35% per system $2,500
Lousiana (LA) 50% of the cost per system $12,500
Maryland (MD) 30% of Installed Cost $2,000
New York (NY) 25% per system $5,000

* All listed values are valid as of 10/1/2009


There are a number of State and Federal Lenders who offer affordable financing for solar water heaters through mortgages and other loans. Below is a list of Federal Lenders who have low-interest loans available for the purchase and installation of Solar Hot Water Heaters for your home. Feel free to use this information, and contact these lenders directly.