Solar Air Heating System


Solar air heaters are one of the most inexpensive solar products available for your home or office and provide one of the highest savings per dollar invested. Solar air heaters costs are half that of solar water heaters and solar air heaters from Sunfire can produce up to 150 btu's per square foot of paneling when correctly installed to maximize exposure to direct sunlight. Each of our solar panels which are 25 sq. ft in surface area can produce up to 4,000 btu's! This is free energy in the form of heat from the sun that helps you save thousands of dollars a year on electricity or gas bills and gives you the added comfort of knowing you are doing your part for the environment. Further, Sunfire solar air heaters provide cleaner and fresher air than air heated through traditional methods, which can be an added blessing for people with respiratory problems.

Sunfire Solar Air Heaters -

How Solar Air Heaters Work

UV rays from the sun heats the solar panels installed on the sides of your house and/or your roof. A thermostat activated fan circulates the air from your rooms through the solar heated panels, which heats the air in your rooms. The process does not require any maintenance and works on cloudy as well as sunny days. You need our solar air heaters to work best on the coldest days of the year and Sunfire solar air heaters meet your needs. This is because Sunfire solar air heaters have solar panels that are insulated, so that they gather UV rays without allowing the cold to seep in to your building, and keeps the heat gathered inside.

Sunfire solar air heaters can be installed in new and existing homes. Sunfire will work with you to develop a solar air heating system customized for your needs. We will guide you from the initial survey stage through design and installation. Once your solar air heaters are up and working, Sunfire has maintenance staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any questions or followup requests you may have.

Solar Home Heating: Roof Configuration

Solar Home Heating: Wall Configuration

Solar Home Heating Questions

For any questions regarding the installation of a solar home/air heating system, please visit our FAQ section on Solar Air heaters. It will be continuously updated as we are asked new questions! You may find it here