The Radon problem

Radon is a gas that is produced as a result of the natural breakdown of uranium in soil and rock. Outside radon is a relatively small problem, as it isn't often found in concentrations high enough to be dangerous.

Buildings are a perfect trap for radon gas, however. It enters through small openings in foundations as well as through cracks in floors and walls. Even a very well insulated home will breathe, and radon can get into the home through construction joints as well as openings for pipes and electrical wiring.

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that one in fifteen homes in America may have elevated radon levels. Furthermore, it is estimated that as many as 22,000 lung cancer deaths in America each year may be traced in part to radon exposure.

The EPA has an extensive website about the dangers and prevalence of radon including a interactive map to inform you of the baseline levels of radon in your area.

Many people may not hear much about radon in their day to day life, but if you have purchased a home in the past you may remember that during the home inspection was done, these inspections require that all windows and doors be shut to the basement for three days for the test to accurately complete. Though radon can be a very dangerous presence, simply allowing some air to flow through the basement can diminish the amount of radon in your home significantly.


As you may have just read above, radon can be managed effectively by ensuring your basement has fresh air available on a regular basis. Opening windows as well as doors to allow old stale air to be replaced by fresh and clear air will help keep you and your family safe from exposure to radon. However this is yet another thing you must remember on a regular basis, and you must ensure that these windows are closed quickly if it suddenly starts to rain or you risk some of the more commonly known problems that basements are prone to: mold and mildew. Furthermore, depending on where you live the colder months make it a difficult proposition to open windows in your basement and leaves you open to freezing pipes and a host of other issues.

We can help

At Sunfire Solar we are able to install a solar-powered ventilation fan and heater that will naturally warm and circulate air throughout your basement; the most likely place for radon to accumulate in your home. We will also install a small vent that will allow air in the basement to escape.

Once this whole system is in place new air is pulled in from the outside, heated without any cost to you, and blown into your basement. Older air that may contain higher concentrations of radon is pushed out by the new fresh air from outside, and in this way your home will refrain from gathering harmful levels of radon gas.

In this way we solve the need to remember to open and close your basement windows all of the time. Your basement radon levels will be kept in check and you will not be in danger of additional moisture finding its way into your home, nor will you forget to close a window during the winter and exposure your basement to the danger of freezing temperatures.

Whenever the sun is shining, even a little, your home will be working to keep the air in your basement safe and fresh without any on-going costs!