Solar Water Heater Model SF-JRQ-25

Thermosyphon Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors

Our heat pipe evacuated tube solar collectors are available in a variety of sizes (10 tubes, 20 tubes, 25 tubes, and 30 tubes). Sunfire heat pipe evacuated tube solar collectors are ideal for solar domestic hot water heating and solar radiant / space heating...and are used in commercial, residential and municipal solar heating applications.


Model SF JRO 300L
Daily Water Capacity 80 Gallons / Day
Weight (lbs.) 380
Aperture Area (sq. ft.) 48
Absorber Area (sq. ft.) 33
Diameter of Tubes (in.) 2.7
Length of Tubes (in.) 5.8
Glass Material Borosilicate Glass
Insulation Layer Foaming Polyurethane, Thickness: 2", p=36 kg/m3, K=0.0035 w/mk/td>
Copper Coil Pressure Tolerance Working Pressure: 3Pa - 6Pa, Testing Pressure: 8Pa
Frame Material Coated Galvanized Steel
Reflector Panel 99.85% Aluminum with surface oxideation treatment
Frame Angel 38°/45°
Average Daily Efficiency > 93%
Heat Loss Coefficient < 6%
Stagnation Temperature 100°C
Warranty for main body five years