Solar Attic Fan

Keep your house efficiently cool

As heat rises, it often gathers in a home's attic. This repository of heat will only help to keep your living spaces warm in the hottest months, rising your utility bills along with temperatures. This can even be an issue in colder climates, where a warmer attic can melt snow buildup that later refreezes on the eaves causing snow damming, which can damage your home.

Sunfire Solar Attic Fan Combat These Issues by:

  • Actively venting heat buildup
  • Reducing air conditioning costs in living spaces for warmer climates
  • Prevent ice damming is colder climates

Defeat moisture buildup

Many homes are lacking in air exchange and ventilation. This allows high humidity levels to build up as a result of everday occurances from showers to cooking. Humidity in the attic left unchecked may allow for fungal growth, or plywood delamination - expensive to fix after they have occurred! In cold climates, humidity coming in contact with the colder walls can form frost and ice, further damaging your home. The Sunfire Solar Attic Fan helps combat these issues by venting excess humidity.

Install a Sunfire Solar Attic Fan to Help by:

Attics are a busy place

You may not think of your attic frequently, and you probably visit your attic even less. Usually cut off from the standard solutions for keeping the air in your home regulated, attics are often very hot in the summer and freeing in the winter. They are places where humidity can build up and damage carpentry. At Sunfire Solar we believe this is another problem that can be easily solved by the free power provided by the sun.