Basement Ventilation

Install solar powered ventilation to alleviate or prevent common basement problems

Common Issues

There are several common issues in many basements that can lead to trouble including stagnant air or high humidity.

Having either or both of these issues can lead to numerous problems such as mold, rot, and mildew. These problems can eat away at many materials that make up your home, from your drywall to the wooden supports of your basement.

Some homes also relatively high concentrations of radon gas that may accumulate in the basement. Radon is odorless but dangerous, and helping circulate the air in your basement will help negate the possible dangers of radon.

Less severe but worth considering are the secondary problems that arise from stale air and high humidity. Beyond simply feeling less appealing, basements can smell less pleasant than the upper floors of a home, often a sign of mold or mildew even if there isn’t any readily visible.

A Solar Solution

Sunfire Solar is able to install a solar powered ventilation system which will circulate air throughout your home so air is never trapped in the basement becoming stale. Our system will equalize the conditions in your home drastically decreasing the ability for unwanted mold and or mildew to grow.

Sunfire Solar will install a panel on the side of your home that is best positioned to receive sunlight. This panel will power the ventilation fans that will push warmer and drier air into your basement. The ventilation system can intake air from upper floors of your home causing a flow in your home that keeps air from settling and becoming trapped in your basement. The panel acts as an exchange in this setup and will dry out the air as well as provide moderate heating, thus removing the properties in your home that allow the growth of mold and mildew.

Best of all, our solution has no operating costs and requires no maintenance, when the sun is shining your home is being ventilated. It’s that simple.