Solar Water Heating Systems


The Sunfire solar water heaters work simply with sunlight and your local water pressure. There is no electrical energy needed to make them function. The solar water heaters save you energy by pre-heating water that is used by your conventional heater. It's usually designed to meet 60% to 90% of the water-heating load. As a back-up, your current conventional heater is still needed to meet 100% of your hot water demands, such as on cloudy days or for when the solar system is down for service. The solar water heaters are classified as an indirect solar water heater system. It collects solar energy and heats water, which is served as heat transfer fluid in the tank, and then transfers heat to potable water via a heat exchanger.

Details and Savings

One 80-gallon Sunfire Solar Water Heater saves 700-1000 kWh/month, or around $100-$140 off your bill. For more information or to see an example of savings, please see here and here. You can click on a number or date to see the original customer bill, or go directly to the bill at The examples are of a Maryland restaurant’s electrical bill and a New York Laundromat’s gas bill.

In September 2006, Hunan Manor, a restaurant in Maryland, installed 10 units of 80-gallon Sunfire Solar Water Heaters. As a result, the November 2006 electricity bill for the restaurant was $643.81 (for 4374kWh usage). Compare this charge with the November 2005 (pre-installation of the Sunfire Solar Water Heaters) electricity bill of $1,666.49 (for 11322kWh) and you can see the money saved by installing the Sunfire Solar Water Heaters. The restaurant was able to save $1,022.68 in just one month of using the Sunfire Solar Water Heaters.

In another case, a Laundromat in New York installed 6 units of Sunfire Solar Water Heaters and saves around $850 per month. After installing another 9 units, the restaurant is saving about $1200 per month. Please click on a number or date to see the source information.

The two key components of any solar water heater is maximum absorbance of solar energy and minimum loss of absorbed energy. The Sunfire Solar Water Heater system is optimally designed. The heater’s collector achieves a solar energy fraction of over 93% and is designed for lossless heat transfer. As a result, regardless of whether your heating system is electric or gas, one 80 gallon Sunfire Solar Water Heater can save you more than $100 per month all year round.

The state of the art design of the Sunfire Solar Water Heater means that your water heating costs can be reduced by over 97%. In fact, some customers turn off their traditional water heating systems and exclusively rely on the Sunfire Solar Water Heaters (the caveat is that these cases are usually small families consisting of between 1 and 4 people). For these families, one unit of Sunfire Solar Water Heater can supply three days of hot water when operated on sunny days.

The Sunfire Solar Water Heater is not only cost effective for home use (for laundry, showers, dishwaters, etc.) Our solar water heater can also be used in agricultural, commercial, and industrial environments. We can custom design an installation for your specific needs in order to give you the best possible return on your investment. For example, we can design a solar heating system for owners of commercial swimming pools, so your pool can be heated and your customers happy year round!

How Solar Water Heaters Work

Sunfire solar water heaters can installed on a building's roof or nearby on the property. These heaters are panels which are composed of tubes in which water is pumped through, and this in turn captures the UV radiation given off by the sun.

The heated water can then be pumped for use in your building. In tandem with your current water heater, your residential or commercial building is then heated up. Due to the solar heated water, your current water heater will barely have to do work to provide you with hot water, reducing your hot water bill by huge amounts!

Sunfire has maintenance staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any questions or followup requests you may have.